After expansion, the South Metropolitan Bypass gains 27% in light vehicle traffic

November 21, 2023

An average of 18,280 vehicles use the motorway per day.

The expansion of the Supersur, which came into service last 5 April, has significantly improved the global traffic figures of this infrastructure. The expansion of the road and its link with the AP-68 have contributed towards considerably increasing the number of vehicles using this motorway in recent months, going from 14,252 to 18,280.

The Supersur now has a length of 19 kilometres. The latest works, which cost 220 million euros and were carried out in the middle of the pandemic and with the consequences of the war in Ukraine, have meant an addition of 4.7 kilometres to the initial 14.5. The road links the AP-68 in Arrigorriaga with the exit of the A-8 in Ugaldebieta (Abanto).

Half a year after the expansion, almost 15,000 cars and vans use it every day: 7,631 in the direction of Gipuzkoa and 6,497 in the direction of Santander. On holidays, the average figure is 12,912.

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