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What payment methods are available?

Our tolls are equipped with the latest technology so that you can pay conveniently with the payment method of your choice. See all the available options here.

Frequent questions

  • FreeFlow is a payment technology that uses control gantries at the charging points where this system has been implemented.

    In Bizkaia it is currently located in the following infrastructures:

    • “AP8 Variante Sur Metropolitana” at the Arrigorriaga control point at the connection with the AP-68, in the Vitoria-Gasteiz direction, for all types of vehicles.
    • In the Artxanda Tunnels.
    • In the Pay per Use (PPU) infrastructures for heavy goods transport:
      • N240 Tarragona-Bilbao (Barazar), from the El Gallo junction (km 55,773) to the Ubidea bypass (km 23,050) only for heavy goods vehicles over 3,500 kg.
      • BI625, from Laudio (km 372.560) to Basauri (km 37.310) only for N24 heavy goods vehicles over 3,500 kg
  • When passing through each of these points, the equipment on the metal structures (control gantries) detects the characteristics of the vehicle that is travelling and charges the corresponding amount for its passage through that point.

  • It can be done in two ways:

    • If the vehicle has an OBE (remote payment device or electronic toll), there is no need to do anything. The control devices of the gantries detect the device as it passes through the control point and will charge the corresponding amount against that device.
    • If the vehicle does not have such a device, it is necessary to link the vehicle licence plate to a valid form of payment (CARD) on the Interbiak website on the Bidesaria platform. The control devices on the gantries detect the vehicle's licence plate as it passes through the control point and the payment system will link this licence plate to the associated form of payment.

    If the journey is carried out without an OBE device or without having the licence plate linked to a form of payment, the journey is recorded as “pending payment” and the system will send this status to the owner of the licence plate, indicating that in order to settle the debt they must provide a valid form of payment to which the pending journey can be linked. They may also leave this means of payment linked to the licence plate for future journeys through the points where FreeFlow technology is implemented in Bizkaia.

  • Caso de realizar el tránsito en las infraestructuras de FreeFlow sin dispositivo OBE o sin tener asociada la matrícula a un medio de pago, el tránsito queda registrado como "pendiente de abonar".

    Una vez detectada esa situación, el sistema remitirá al titular de la matrícula una comunicación en la que se le informa que:

    1. Para saldar la deuda debe proceder a indicar, a través de la plataforma Bidesaria, un medio de pago válido al que poder asociar el tránsito pendiente de pago
    2. Si así lo desea, podrá dejar ese medio de pago asociado a la matrícula para futuros tránsitos por los puntos donde está implantada en Bizkaia la tecnología FreeFlow.

    Si tiene Ud. algún tránsito pendiente de pago por tránsitos en FreeFlow

    • Y está Ud. registrado en la plataforma, acceda con su usuario y contraseña. En el acceso, el sistema le indicará si está detectado alguna matrícula de su titularidad con tránsitos en FreeFlow pendientes de pago y le mostrará los pasos a seguir para cancelar la deuda.
    • Si todavía no está registrado, proceda a registrarse (puede hacerlo a través de este línk) y siga los pasos que el sistema le irá detallando.

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