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Period for Submitting Bids

The bids may be submitted 24 hours a day 7 days a week; the date and time of submitting the bid will be those that appear on the receipt issued by the Interbiak Electronic Registry and will coincide with the time that reception of the bid has been completed.

The bids may be sent electronically either in full at one single time or in two phases, with the electronic signature of the bid being transmitted first, on receipt of which the submission will be deemed to have been carried out for all intents, and then the bid itself within 24 hours. If the second remittance is not performed within that deadline, the bid will be considered to have been withdrawn.

In those cases when the bidders opt to send the bid in two phases, for example, because difficulties are foreseen when uploading the bid due to its size, network connection problems, etc., they shall send the digital fingerprint (hash) of their bid before the end of the bid submission deadline in any event, but they shall have 24 hours to complete the sending of the bid.

The digital fingerprint (signed by the bidder) of each bid allows it to be checked that its contents have not been altered since it was sent by the bidder.

If the content of a bid cannot be accessed because the file is damaged, the local copy generated in the computer of the bidder can be used, by checking that the digital fingerprint of the bid coincides with what is in the possession of the contracting authority.