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Accessibility Plan

Traffic has increased in volume beyond all forecasts in recent years. This has raised questions regarding the feasibility of the High Capacity Network included in the Highways Plan until now. Recent traffic surveys have highlighted the lack of capacity of the network to meet current forecasts for the demand of long distance short trips with adequate levels of service.

In the specific case of the section of the A8 running through the Bilbao metropolitan area, a new road alternative is required to tackle future traffic requirements that are currently handled by the so-called Southern Solution.

The aforementioned alternative needs to be a new by-pass, the so-called Metropolitan Southern By-pass, as increasing the capacity of the current Southern Solution is not feasible due to the local terrain geographical constraints.

The existence of an alternative road the progressive adoption of a philosophy in keeping with European guidelines on pricing infrastructures based on payment by users “the polluter pays” principles, allowed us to conclude that tolls to use the new infrastructure need to be introduced.

In order to ensure a comprehensive accessibility system, other actions will have to be taken to provide access to the Metropolitan Southern Bypass, including:

  • The Ballonti Expressway
  • Link road between the Txorierri Corridor the A8 to Bilbao
  • Alonsotegi Bypass the rest of the Cadagua Corridor.

The opening of the Metropolitan Southern Bypass, along with the other infrastructures mentioned above, will enable the metropolitan area connections between the banks of the Nervion estuary to be optimised in the medium long term. This will ensure an advanced accessibility system, that is, one that is interlinked hierarchical.