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Interbiak´ s Commitment

Management quality is one of our goals to provide an efficient public service to the residents of Bizkaia.

  • We manage an innovation monitoring system that ensures that Interbiak strategies, projects services are always up-to-date, by means of developing innovative technologies in the field of environmental management, safety data transmission.
  • Our commitment to the environment is a priority, in terms of both implementing new measures managing existing infrastructures. Interbiak seeks to go beyond mere compliance with regulations.
  • We apply preventive measures to reduce the number of accidents, both in the construction administration phases.
  • Customer Orientation, by means of transparent accessible management, is essential to improve the quality of the service.
  • As a company answerable to the Department of Public Works of Bizkaia Provincial Council, we apply policies aimed at a rational use of the car. This is the only way to guarantee sustainable development that makes accessibility compatible with environmental social improvement.