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Control Centre Traffic Management

The motorway has a Traffic Management Control Centre that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is equipped with the necessary technical human resources to coordinate distribute information with the goal of reacting to each circumstance that occurs on the road. By means of messages sent to the electronic message system, this centre manages mobility with the aim of avoiding accidents.

These measures include: emergency telephones, video cameras, traffic measurement stations the Automatic Accident Detection system.

Variable Signposting

Variable signage devices will be connected to the Management Control Centre. This type of signage allows different messages to be sent to the user:

  • Traffic congestion at specific sections the road link roads, indicating alternatives.
  • Accidents road works.
  • Maximum speed limits.
  • Inclement weather conditions

Safety Cameras

The safety cameras connected along the motorway will be connected to the Traffic Management Control Centre, which will enable any emergency problem on the motorway to be detected, Emergency Services to be notified, information to be sent to the electronic message panels connections to be established with assistance centres (SOS Deiak) according to the emergency.

Sos Posts

Telephones connected to the Traffic Management Control Centre are located every 2 kilometres along the right-hand edge of the motorway in both directions. There are phones every 100 metres in the Zaldibar tunnel.


The purpose of the Emergency Service Teams is to provide first aid in case of accidents set up provisional emergency signage to facilitate the flow of traffic.

The target response time to an accident is less than 15 minutes the service is manned by qualified staff with the appropriate equipment.

These services operate in permanent coordination with SOS-Deiak, Fire Service Help Centres.