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Control Traffic Management Safety

One of Interbiak’s priority targets is to provide our users with the best safety conditions. Our motorway therefore boasts a series of elements whose appropriate combined management results in low accident rates.


  • Electronic Message Panels with updated warnings on the traffic situation, weather suggestions.
  • Exit entry slip roads clearly indicated, together with the location of rest areas emergency braking lanes.
  • Speed limit information

Safety Elements

  • There are Winter Road Plans to guarantee road safety in inclement weather conditions.
  • The road cleaning maintenance plans have been designed to ensure optimum driving conditions.
  • There are other safety devices, such as barriers, beacons static safety elements to ensure safety on the motorway.

Safety In The Tunnel

Given the characteristics of the Zaldibar Tunnel, it is equipped with lighting, ventilation, SOS phones, cameras with Automatic Accident Detection system, electronic speed limit cross arrow signals, hose reels fire hydrants, along with fire environmental pollution detectors.

Control Centre

The motorway has a Traffic Management Control Centre that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is equipped with the necessary technical human resources to coordinate distribute information with the goal of reacting to each circumstance that occurs on the road.


This service is made up by road mechanical assistance teams which, coordinated the Control Centre SOS-Deiak, act as support units in emergencies. In case of an accident vehicle breakdown, users can call upon towing roadside assistance services.