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Ballonti Expressway


The Ballonti Expressway runs along the left bank of the River Ballonti, to the southwest of the towns of Santurtzi, Portugalete Sestao, also serves other towns on this bank of the estuary, including Barakaldo, Trapagaran, Ortuella Abanto; it is connected at one end to the A-8 Motorway at the other end to the future Metropolitan Expressway along the river.

Ballonti Expressway 5 sections [PDF 1,98 MB]

General Characteristics

The Ballonti Expressway has two lanes in each direction, separated by a central reservation. A third lane has been added in the section between the Nervacero link road the Galindo roundabout to ensure a smooth flow of lorries leaving the road to enable one of the slip roads to be joined to the planned Lamiako solution.

  • Portugalete link road, which leads to the A-8 to the towns on the left bank, such as Portugalete Ortuella.
  • Nervacero Industrial Estate link road, which provides access to the industrial estate.
  • Galindo roundabouts, with four exits, two of which lead off to the Ballonti Expressway the other two to the BI-3747 trunk road, which connects the towns of Ortuella Trápaga.
  • Makonzaga link road. This provides access the Ballonti Expressway to the town of Sestao will provide access in the future to the planned expansion towards Valle de Trapaga.
  • Cueto Roundabout: this is a link road between the main section of the Ballonti Expressway the BI-374 trunk road.

A pedestrian/cycle path is being built that connects with the one that already runs through Las Camporras Park. It is five metres wide, with two metres for pedestrian use only.

Currant Status of the Project

In November 2004, construction work began on the main section of the so-called Ballonti Expressway that will link Abanto Sestao. This is the Portugalete-Markonzaga-Cueto section (2.5 km) with its slip roads intersections, which is the main communications structure between the towns on the left bank of the river. It also decongests the National 634 trunk road the A-8 Motorway.

The project includes building three main roundabouts. Apart the Portugalete roundabout, special mention should be made of the Galindo Roundabout, which is 1,200 metres the start of the road. One of the exits will connect to the slip road to the service car park for the Galindo football fields. The Cueto Roundabout provides the link between the Ballonti Expressway the BI-644 main road the Galindo Corridor, which is planned to be widened to two lanes in each direction.

A pedestrian/cycle path with pedestrian crossings is being built parallel to the new highway.

  • Opened:
    • Widening into two lanes of the BI-644 C/ Andrés Jauregibeitia: 30 June 2006.
    • Section between Portugalete Galindo, including the Salcedillo slipway the pedestrian/cycle path between Portugalete Kueto: 21 April 2007.
  • Section: Galindo – Markonzaga – Kueto: 24 June 2007.


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