Access to Bilbao via San Mamés

The gateway to and from the capital of Bizkaia most used by drivers

The construction of the new accesses to Bilbao via San Mamés required four and a half years of work and an investment of 215 million euros. The opening of the new entrances and exits of the capital of Bizkaia took place early in the morning of Saturday 18 May 2013.

The infrastructure is made up of four cut-and-cover tunnels, from 110 to 340 metres long (Santa Ana, Santiago, San Nicolás, and Bentazarra); four viaducts, between 57 and 323 metres, and a 351-metre-long tunnel excavated under Altamira.

The remodelling of the accesses to Bilbao posed a major challenge, both technically and in terms of human resources, with the added difficulty of maintaining traffic on the A-8 trunk road during the works. The undergrounding of this infrastructure as it passes through the Lezeaga neighbourhood, to allow the connection with Bentazarra and Altamira, has freed up tens of thousands of square metres for new urban uses, just as in Avenida de Sabino Arana after the removal of the viaducts.

Since their opening, the new accesses to Bilbao via San Mames have become the gateway to and from the capital of Bizkaia most used by drivers..

They have led to the redistribution of traffic through all the accesses to the capital of Bizkaia.

Their construction was the step prior to the demolition of the Sabino Arana viaducts, the main entrance to the capital for forty years.


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