Interbiak is a Provincial Public Company attached to the Department of Infrastructures and Territorial Development of the Bizkaia Provincial Council

Interbiak Bizkaiko Hegoaldeko Akzesibilitatea, S.A is a council-run company answering to Bizkaia Provincial Council. The company is entrusted with managing the Bizkaia Accessibility Plan 2003.

Interbiak Bizkaiko Hegoaldeko Akzesibilitatea, S.A. was incorporated pursuant to a Bizkaia Provincial Council order of 28 May 2002. This was based on the conclusions adopted by the Infrastructure Commission of the Bizkaia General Assemblies, which stressed the need to undertake a range of public actions to adapt the public highways infrastructures in Bizkaia to the increase in traffic volume in recent years.

Since 6 June 2003, Interbiak has managed the Bizkaia section of the A-8 motorway by means of the toll-per-use system.

The corporate purpose of Interbiak Bizkaiko Hegoaldeko Akzesibilitatea S.A. is:

  • to conduct studies, plan, construct, carry out the upkeep, maintenance operate, by itself through third parties, the highways infrastructure entrusted to it by Bizkaia Provincial Council.
  • In particular, but not exclusively, to manage operate by means of a toll-per-use system the section of the A-8 motorway between Basauri the boundary with Gipuzkoa
  • and to undertake the construction toll-per-use operating of the Metropolitan Southern Bypass, the construction of other infrastructures forming part of the Bizkaia accessibility system, as commissioned by Bizkaia Provincial Council

The Company can carry out any of the activities coming under its corporate purpose by itself through third parties, acting as an instrument technical service of Bizkaia Provincial Council according to the powers duly assigned by the latter in the commissioned management tasks, pursuant to public sector procurement legislation.

Sustainability and innovation

At Interbiak we develop Environmental Management Plans aimed at minimising the impact that our projects may have on the environment. We therefore put in place corrective and compensatory measures to ensure an improvement in the quality of habitats, and take action to reduce noise pollution and minimise the impact on nearby populations.

Transparency, a key objective for our Government

We want the people of Bizkaia to have the broadest possible knowledge of what the Provincial Council does and how it uses its resources.


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