Adaptation of the Tunel de la Avanzada on the BI-637

The project to cover La Avanzada offers a comprehensive solution to the three major problems posed by the infrastructure

It covers the current gap that separates the municipality by creating a new space for leisure and pedestrian enjoyment, it will minimise noise for those who live next to the infrastructure, and it will improve safety, lighting, and ventilation in the tunnels.

The purpose of this project is to define the necessary actions for the extension of the La Avanzada Tunnel in Leioa (Bizkaia) from its current layout, with a length of 310 m, to the future solution of 860 m. It includes an 860 m long tunnel with two non-crossable roofs of approximately 100 and 140 m at the Getxo and Bilbao entrances, respectively, and the rest of the section will be accessible to pedestrians. In addition, work is being carried out inside and around the tunnel to improve the acoustic conditions in the area of operation.

Furthermore, given that the La Avanzada Tunnel is an infrastructure dating back to the 1980s, and despite the fact that it has undergone several modernisation works in recent years, its infrastructure and facilities will be adapted to the safety requirements established by the Provincial Regulation on Safety in road tunnels, approved by Provincial Decree 135/2006, of 23 August.

This is particularly difficult work due to the characteristics of the infrastructure, which, with an average daily traffic volume of 114,000 vehicles on any given working day, is the main road connecting the Right Bank and the Uribe Kosta corridor at high capacity. This is highly complex technical work, which means that the project has to be divided into multiple phases and sub-phases, resulting in work areas in surroundings that are highly restricted by the urbanisation itself.

The project budget is divided into four contracts. The first is for infrastructure and the other three are for superstructure, including electromechanical installations, tunnel safety installations, and the installation of photovoltaic panels:

  • Infrastructure Lot: 40.488.606,17 , including VAT, and a maximum completion period of 33 months.
  • Electromechanical Installations Lot: 4.839.998,79 , including VAT, and a maximum completion period of 36 months.
  • Tunnel Safety Installations Lot: 6.610.561,77 , including VAT, and a maximum completion period of 36 months.
  • Photovoltaic installations Lot: 2.730.974,21 , including VAT and a maximum completion period of 12 months.


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