Ermua Bypass

The section of the Ermua southern bypass runs through the municipalities of Ermua and Zaldibar.

The Ermua South Bypass has helped to relieve traffic congestion in the urban centre of Ermua, where the old N-634 road used to run. The bypass begins in the municipality of Ermua, on the N-634 road coming from Areitio, with the construction of a new roundabout. It then crosses the Ureta mountain to the south-east through the Uretamendi tunnel (a 600-metre twin-tube tunnel with two lanes in each direction) and runs openly through the Beko stream bed, now in the municipality of Zaldibar, parallel to the AP-8 motorway until it connects with the San Lorenzo roundabout, connecting with the Eibar bypass, built by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council.

In addition to the bypass itself, the project also included the construction of a complete new junction with the AP-8 motorway, including a new toll collection area, which connects with the new bypass. The motorway around the new junction is also being upgraded to widen the platform to prepare it for the future widening of the trunk road to three lanes.

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