AP-8 Motorway

All about the AP-8

Interbiak manages the Bizkaia section, between Galdakao and the boundary with Gipuzkoa province, by means of the toll-per-use system, in order to guarantee the performance of the high capacity road network needed to ensure Bizkaia"s competitiveness as a key territory on the Atlantic Rim.

We work in coordination in the management of the section in Bizkaia, and in collaboration with Bidegi (Gipuzkoa Provincial Council) in the overall joint management of the road.

Interbiak is firmly committed to managing the motorway according to the highest European standards. Special importance is given to combining high customer satisfaction with adequately managing traffic demand.

Safety protecting the environment are undoubtedly management priorities.

Based on these values, the operations to be undertaken by the concession holder (GEBISA) are assessed by quality standards in order to guarantee improve the levels of traffic flow, safety, quality comfort.

Links of AP-8 Motorway

Links of AP-8 Motorway
Link Type of link Kilometre Marker Point Related links
Full ERMUA (Km 75+580) connects with the N-634 (Bilbo/Bilbao - Donostia/San Sebastián). Show details
Full DURANGO (Km 88+300) Connects with the C6211 from Durango to Vitoria/Gasteiz and the C6324 from Durango to Bergara and Mondragón. Show details
Full AMOREBIETA-ETXANO (Km 98+470) Connects with the N-634 (Bilbo/Bilbao - Donostia/San Sebastián), BI-635 (Lemoa - Bermeo), BI-4342 (access to Boroa and access to Amorebieta-Etxano). Show details
Full ERLETXETA (Km 103+300) Connects with the N-634 (Bilbo/Bilbao - Donostia/San Sebastián) and N-637 (Txorierri Corridor). Show details
Full URGOITI (EL GALLO) (105+800) connects with N-240 (Bilbo/Bilbao - Vitoria/Gasteiz) Show details
Directional GALDAKAO (Km 107+200) entrance and exit to the center of the municipality in the direction of Bilbao. Show details
Directional IRUBIDE (109+350) connection with 634 (Bilbo/Bilbao - Donostia/San Sebastián) Show details
Directional BASAURI Connection with BI-625 from Bilbo/Bilbao to Burgos through Urduña/Orduña and link with Basauri. Show details
Directional BILBAO (Km: 115) Show details
Full Gerediaga (Abadiño) Connects with the N-634 (Bilbo/Bilbao - Donostia/San Sebastián), with the BI-633 (Durango- Markina-Xemein), and the N-636 (Abadiño, Iurreta, Elorrio). Show details

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