2020-2023 Road Infrastructure Innovation Plan

In June 2020, the Bizkaia Provincial Council approved the 2020-2023 Road Infrastructure Innovation Plan.

Image 1 of 2020-2023 Road Infrastructure Innovation Plan

Three priority innovation areas are included in the plan:

  • Advanced ITS
  • Smart and digital infrastructure
  • Sustainability and circular economy.

Interbiak Bizkaia, as a public company that reports to the Bizkaia Provincial Council (DFB), was involved in the development of the innovation plan, contributing its experience in this field. Since then, it has been actively collaborating towards developing the plan's strategic innovation framework.

This is why the innovation strategy is implemented through two tools that contribute to supporting innovation. Firstly, the Regional Order of 11 September 2020, which facilitates the inclusion of innovation criteria in all contracts of the DIDT and its public companies, and secondly, the decree on subsidies to promote innovation within Bizkaia's road infrastructures.

Interbiak Bizkaia encourages innovation and to this end promotes the generation of new innovation ecosystems, has a strategy defined by the innovation plan, generates its own innovation structure, creates teams in various projects, and promotes a culture of innovation. Thanks to this and the tools currently in place, we have launched various projects.

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