Route of Southern Metropolitan By-Pass

Ugadelbieta Arrigorriaga

Phase I: Ortuella - Bilbao East section


  • Southern Metropolitan By-Pass

  • Exit

  • A-8 Motorway

  • National

  • Regional

  • Exit to Phase II

Description of the route

Description of the route of Southern Metropolitan By-Pass
Exit Name Type of link Description
S1 Directional km 128,700. It connects with BI-628 (Ballonti Axis that connects Santurtzi with Ortuella and N-634).
S2 Directional 127+470. It has no connection. This junction only connects with the A-8.
S3 Directional km 126.450. It connects with the A-8 (Cantabria), BI-628 (Ballonti Axis that connects Sestao with Portugalete) and BI-3747 (N-634 - Trapagaran - Urioste).
S4 Full km 119.300. It connects with the BI-636 (Kadagua Corridor that connects with Balmaseda), BI-3651 (Access to Alonsotegi), and BI-3742 (Access to Zorroza - Bilbao).
S5 Directional km 115.200. It connects with the A-8 (Gipuzkoa) and BI-631 (Miraflores Bridge that connects with the N-634).
S6 Directional km 113. It links up with the AP-68, allowing only Bilbao-Vitoria and vice versa, and includes a free-flow toll collection area in the direction of Bilbao-Vitoria.

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